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A Seond From The Surface – The Streets Have Eyes

While I initially wanted to lump this in with the plethora of grating, squealing, pseudo grind kids, after a few more, less jaded listens to the debut, there appears to be a much less superficial and have a more convincing, classic grind/crust/punk and hardcore undercurrent rather than the snivelling wannabes of the current musical climate. […]

Ramesses – We Will Lead You to Glorious Times

After sullying myself and this site with an abundance of glossy, wimpy stadium metal, I felt the need to get dirty and grimy and seeing as I already reviewed the Lair of the Minotaur, the UK’s doom merchants Ramesses fit the bill perfectly. With four lengthy, filthy, down tuned, buzzing hymns of lumbering war anthems, […]