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Illogo – When Liquid Stays Dry

You know that Geico caveman commercial where the caveman goes “Yeah, I have a response..uh…What?”-that’s my response to this album. First off, this Italian band actually has no name or moniker but goes by the logo of a face, much like Prince, the name ‘Illogo’ is merely used for identification purposes and in their own […]

Bleed Someone Dry – The World Is Falling In Tragedy

The short review: Bleed Someone Dry sounds like a band of hardcore kids who worship at the alter of Pantera and Slayer. I really wish I could leave it at that, but something tells me that wont pass for a review. The World Is Falling In Tragedy is the Italian bands first full recording under […]

Neurasthenia – Possessed

This is a bit of a tough review to write for me, as I dig the tunes laid out here by Italy’s Neurasthenia while playing, but as soon as it’s over I don’t remember much about it, even after 10 plus listens. This gives me mixed feelings about it leaves me wondering what to write. […]