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Blacksmoker – Rupture

From the late 60s carrying through into modern times, Germany, has been a hotbed for hard-edge experimental music. Be it the throttling Hammond organs and aggressive soul vocals of Birth Control’s Sabbath meets Doors styled subsonics, the snarling post-punk of Neu!, Spancer’s twin bassed sludge sprawl or Black Wasteland’s roaring thrash doom…let’s put it this […]

Naked Star – Bloodmoon Prophecy EP

Multi-instrumentalist hero Tim Schmidt from godly old school doom/classic metallurgists Seamount returns with his latest project Naked Star; a gritty, riff-spitting monstrosity with dirty demonic grooves, the Marlboro burnt vocals of Jim Grant and a generally roughhewn yet melodic pummel that would have been right at home on the supreme doom label Hellhound back in […]