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Mastodon – Once More ‘Round the Sun

Despite their ever snowballing popularity, Mastodon has gained their fair share of detractors during the post-Leviathan phase of their career.  The bombastic showmanship and scattershot songwriting of Blood Mountain proved a bit too left field for some listeners, while the tangled prog-rock odyssey of the brilliant Crack the Skye no doubt left some portions of […]

Metallica – Death Magnetic

I know there are people out there who will hold a grudge against Metallica until the day they die. Over the past couple of decades fans of the band, as the song on Death Magnetic says, have been broken, beat and scarred, and a lot of them still have a lot of anger. To be […]

Black Sabbath – The Dio Years

This is about as close as you get as a reviewer to a “gimme” review. I mean, it’s classic Black Sabbath. Most of the folks reading this already know these songs and have a long-standing opinion of them, so really this hinges on the three new songs and how well the package is put together. […]