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Wold – Stratification

I stumbled upon Wold after Screech Owl was released last year. Out of curiosity, I opted to give them a listen. Judging by Profound Lore’s other artists, I expected something avant-garde and, well, profound. After all, this label houses some high quality acts, including Nadja, Alcest, Portal and Asunder. What came out of my speakers […]

Wold – Screech Owl

The sound-manipulated painscapes of Wold are the proof for which black metal was merely the promise. (After all, even the most vicious black metal still just sounds like some dudes in a room playing music.) This is savagery as sound, or vicey-versey. Wold de(con)structs black metal into a robodemoniac thrum, at least as much Masonna […]