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Yyrkoon – Unhealthy Opera

For some reason, I always compare France’s Yyrkoon with Poland’s Trauma; both are underrated and in the shadow of their respective country’s other higher profile bands, yet both are just as talented and skilled. I reviewed Trauma’s Imperfect Like a God right around the time I reviewed Yyrkoon’s Occult Medicine and both were excellent releases […]

Yyrkoon – Occult Medicine

Any band using a Michael Moorcock character is OK in my books and where Moorcock sought to invigorate the cliche-ridden, stagnant, Conan knock off fantasy realm, France’s Yyrkoon seek to invigorate death metal, and do so with a measure of success. If like me, you were (or will be) disappointed by Behemoth’s strangely pompous Demigod, […]