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Zyklon – Disintegrate

I’ve never been a huge Zyklon fan, heck I wasn’t even really a great fan of Emperor so the fanfare that has preceded each Zyklon release thus far has not really made sense to me, especially considering the pretty standard quality of both World ov Worms and Aeon.However, with Zyklon’s third album, something seems to […]

Zyklon – World ov Worms

Now that Emperor vocalist Ihsahn has Peccatum in full-swing, remaining members Samoth (now Zamoth) and Trym Torson have decided its their turn to showcase their talents outside home base. I normally feel apathetic towards such groupings, but Zyklon, consisting of Myrkskog guitarist Destructhor and Limbonic Art vocalist Daemon, on its debut World ov Worms doesn’t […]