Canada’s death metal scene is much like many death metal scenes in other countries in that there are dozens of groups across the country putting their own spin on their own sound and approach.  Enter Canada’s Deity with their debut album Deity.  I could have very easily missed this release this year but after reading that Flo Mournier of Cryptopsy was handling the drumming responsibilities I thought I would check these guys out.  In doing my research I could not find any past projects that founding members John Massey and Danny Alessandro.

The album opens up with a piano instrumental called “Suspended in Animation”.  Definitely not reinventing the wheel with having an instrumental intro. “Suspended in Animation” segues into “Beginning of Extinction” which opens up with strong notey riffing and Mournier’s trademark aggressive double kick attack. These guys seem to like to write longer death metal songs as this one is over eight minutes.  This nowhere near as technical as Cryptopsy. Bordering on thrasher elements at times. The problem I have with longer death metal tracks like this is It is quite difficult to hold the attention of the listener through for that long.

The total running time of this album is over fifty minutes which at times makes parts of this album difficult to maintain interest. Production wise everything is quite tight and locked in.  I think maybe it is more so a matter of getting a project done.  There are a lot of cool elements through Deity and I am sure that if these guys actually work to put a full line up together their songwriting will improve over time.  Being that they just started in 2016 it is admirable that they put these tracks together in such a short time frame.


[Visit the band's website]
Written by Nick K
November 14th, 2017


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