End of Days

I was fairly impressed with Discreation’s 2015 effort Procreation of the Wretched , a solid European death metal record from a group of Germans I had never heard of. The album took a while to get going, but its last 2/3 was pretty damn good.

End of Day, does not take a while to get going, the opposite in fact, as the first two tracks, the title track and “The Blood Mill” go straight for the goddamn throat right out of the gate with more urgent and snarling sound than I recalled for Procreation, but it peters out a bit. There is still a pretty heavy Vader meets Hypocrisy influence but it seems like the intensity has been upped a tad overall.

That said, third track “Dark Possession” seems to be a bit a of a step back with a more twisty thrash gait and 5 and a half minute run time, though the blackened blast beat that arises a couple of times is nice. “Let’s Watch the World Burn” is a slower, more controlled lumberer with some semi spoken growls that really start to derail things a bit but it does finish with a bang. “El Magico” returns to the speedy, slashing pace but “Invisible Front” is a forgetful, by the numbers death metal number.”The Pentagram” thankfully brings the album back with a fierce Amon Amarth-ish rumble mixed with blackened slice ‘n’ dice and the album ends with the thunderous, but melodic closer “Where All Hope Has Been Silenced”, another track that imbues Amon Amarth.

Discreation is never going to make any year end lists  and no one will probably recall their surprisingly lengthy discography in 5 years, but they are good at what they do and a jack of all trades in the realms of death metal and that’s OK.

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Written by E. Thomas
January 18th, 2018


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