Sanguine Vigil

Finland’s Galvanizer waste no time in cranking up the Boss HM-2 Pedals and blast-beating your souls away with their debut full length Sanguine Vigil.  Having released some demo material and been around since 2013 these guys could give Rotten Sound or Nasum a run for their money.  I love the cover artwork done by TG Rantanen a veteran artist of the Finnish Metal Scene (Demigod, Demilich, and Adramelech).  Sanguine Vigil opens up with “Mood for The Blade” which opens in traditional death grind fashion with a movie intro segueing into some heavy riff death grind fuzz into a blistering assault of drumming by Niko Mimiko

“Enjoyment of Annihilation” of one of my favorite tracks.  Extremely simplistic in design but extremely well executed and fun to listen to.  I really dig the production on this.   The title track “Sanguine Vigil” is probably one of the most diverse and longer tracks on the album clocking in around five minute.  The title track has a bit of a different feel from the rest of the songs. Much slower in tempo, in terms of build but eventually goes right back into their aggressively mean style of death grind. “Gorefestation” opens with a bass fill which is as murky and gross sounding as you would expect and goes right back into up tempo blasting and thrash beats.

For being just a three piece Galvanizer have a much bigger sound then a lot of other bands out there trying to capture a similar sound with more band members. “Unfinished Autopsy” and “A Painful End for Curiosity” wrap up things up and for the most part stick to the same formula start to end. This is an awesome debut full length. I found myself head banging the whole way through this eleven track thirty minute explosion.  Everlasting Spew Records are one of the best newer underground labels out there currently and 2018 is looking bright for their roster. Check out this as well as the new Convocation and Assumption later this year.  Recommended.

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Written by Nick K
March 7th, 2018


  1. Commented by: F.Rini

    Great review and great album. Still awaiting my cd and the white L/S shirt.

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