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There is a host of bands vying for the throne left vacant by Dismember. The likes of Infected ChaosBrutally Deceased, Harm, Blood of Seklusion, Evocation, Endseeker, Massive Assault, Fatalist, Interment and Germany’s Lifeless are certainly near the top of the list. I’ve cowered the bands prior two efforts, 2010 Beyond the Threshold of Death and 2013s Godconstruct, both solid examples of the style (if you need me to explain exactly what style, then we have issues), but still lagging a little behind the likes of country mates Revel in Flesh or current genre kings Entrails. And that remains the same for the bands third effort.

The 4 year gap between releases comes with some minor turnover, but nothing that the original core of Marc Niederhagemann (guitars/vocals) and drummer Daniel Lerose can’t over come as the style is the same as the last effort; a heavily Stockholm inspired canter and gallop ridden  Swedish death metal with a more melodic lean. The guitar buzz and hum with Sunlight aplomb and the riffs hack and slash with more than a passing influence to the genre classics. But as with almost all releases done in this style the homage is well done and enjoyable.

There are plenty of highlights amid the 9 track, 37 minute run time such as as the  nostalgic groove at 2:38 of “Progenies of A Cursed Seed” or standout “From Chaos Our Order Shall Rise” with its Autopsy-ish initial crawl and following  raucous romping gallop. The band can crank up the urgency  (“Delusions of Grandeur”) and slow it down a bit (“Insanity Reigns”), but all of it heavy with a heavy latter Dismember gloss. Just listen to “Rites of Desolation” or 6+ minute closer “Throes of Dawn”, where you really get the late Dismember sense of somber melody. Marc Niederhagemann has a more more raspy mid range, Henri Satler  vocal approach bordering on black metal, but it still fits everything the bad is doing.

Like county and label mates Harm or Endseeker, or other recent Italian labelmates  playing the style Blood of Sekusion,  Lifeless is not spectacular, but good at what they do and deliver solid examples of a classic sound with energy and enough of a homage to make it recognizable but not a rip off, and FDA Records is doing a good job of finding these bands from all corners of the earth.

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Written by E. Thomas
October 18th, 2017


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