Vomit Remnants
Collecting the Remnants (Compilation)

2017 is the year for Vomit Remnants, apparently.  We have their brutal new album, Hyper Groove Brutality and this extraordinary compilation, on Lacerated Enemy Records, Collecting the Remnants.  This 2 cd compilation compiles all of Vomit Remnants prior material to Hyper Groove Brutality.

Vomit Remnants, hailing from Japan, began in 1997 and their material is heavily influenced by slam death metal.  Influences ranging from Dying Fetus, Repudilation, Dehumanized and a a monster influence from my former band, Internal Bleeding.  However; Vomit Remnants helped influence many bands with their bouncy brutal brand of death metal, thus further helping to further the genre.  Disc 1 has the debut 1999 album: Supreme Entity and 2001 ep: Indefensible Vehemence.  Both extremely heavy and quite brutal.  On the debut album the band bringing a huge smile to my face as they pull a few riffs from classic Internal Bleeding tracks as the ultimate homage.  Riffs from “Anointed in Servitude” and “Epoch of Barbarity” and the parts are structured pretty killer on the song “Macabre Mementos”.  Totally awesome.  The ep has triggered computerized drums, but they still sound awesome, but inhuman, of course.

Disc 2 contains the following releases: ’97 demo In the Name of Vomit, ’98 demo Brutally Violated, various bonus tracks and promos from 2004 and 2005.  Some of the drumming is natural from founding member, Keisuke Tsuboi and the promos contain triggered drum machines.  The drum machine sounds computerized in certain sections.  However all the music still is ass-kicking, as well as the super awesome Suffocation cover tune, “Catatonia”.

Everything is housed in a thick glossy digipak.  Unfortunately there is no insert for the booklet. It’s just in between the discs, so you best get yourself a clear plastic sleeve for this and there are no lyrics in the booklet panel.  Why only 300 of these compilations were made is beyond me, maybe due to $$ from the label.  The reason why this is frustrating is because this comp is pretty damn impressive.  The booklet contains all the pictures of the releases, with liner recording descriptions, tons of photos and descriptions, as well as show flyers.  It’s such a comprehensive and beautiful look through the band’s history.  There is also some impressive  and brutal artwork across the entire release and Mike Majewski did some of his classic work.  The sound across both discs are beautiful sounding and the entire comp is over 100 minutes worth of music.

Collecting the Remnants from Vomit Remnants is an absolute beast of a compilation and as comps, not reissues go, this is hands down the best compilation to be released for 2017.  Get up off your ass and get this sucker now, before they’re all gone!!

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
July 17th, 2017


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