Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts

All the underground maniacs, me included rejoiced in moribund when Autopsy put the pieces back together and reformed in 2008/2009.  The band always a cult favorite was happy to see how their name, over the years, had grown to more than just cult status.  What was originally supposed to be a short-lived reunion became full-blown full-time Autopsy as the band began getting significant show offers in the US and overseas.

The band, with mainman Chris Reifert (vox/drums) older now, full tours were not going to happen so the band has increased their market share success by playing fests throughout the world and garnering even more followers.  MDF, 2022, was incredible and Autopsy’s performance was outstanding.. The band has been a bunch of writing machines since reforming – releasing eps and a total of 5 full lengths, and now Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts is their sixth full length since reforming.  That is a lot of albums and some are definitely better than others.

This album comes only one year removed from their last album Morbidity TriumphantAshes, Organs, Blood and Crypts is 11 songs in 41 minutes and “Rapid Funeral” starts things off with some nice isolated guitar riffing from Eric Cutler and Danny Coralles, as well as the drums coming in and Reifert’s vocals are much higher on this song.  The guitars are filthy and the signature varying vocal tones begin to take shape a bit, before the higher register screaming vocals come in, which quite honestly, I am not a fan of…Higher than normal, and grating to these ears.  Towards the end the doom dirge comes in and the squealing guitar solo goes on for a bit.  Sounds like a funeral march…Pretty good opening song.  “Throatsaw” comes in next and is a short ditty of a number at 2.31 the song gallops and Cutler lends some vocals as well, which he usually does.  The song is a good tune with the song title being screamed relentlessly throughout the duration.

“Well of Entrails” at 5.06 is the longest song and the signature doom-death filthy dirge immediately starts and is tempered with some excellent doomy guitar melodies..  One of the best opening Autopsy moments, since their reformation, I might add.  Plodding and the 1.30 the song gets slower and Reifert’s regular vocals come in and sound incredible.  This part reminds me of something that could have been on their Retribution for the Dead ep all those moons ago.  The song picks up the pace and gallops and great riffing and then some squealing guitar solos..before the song gets into the slower moments.  I would have liked the song to stay the slow doom-death dirge speed throughout..the speed earlier which goes on for a bit, makes the song less evil, IMO, as the slower creepier moments take center stage.  The title track is a speedy number and Chris screaming his head off and his varying tones sound really good on this song.  More guitar solos on this song as well, this album may have more guitar solos than any other prior Autopsy album.  This is a really strong song.

“Coagulation” ends the album and opens with a really doomy moment and Chris’ vocals are really deep and disgusting.  Sounds like he is vomiting up gobs of mucous, bones and meat.  This song is heavy and the melodies are great.  Greg Wilkinson’s bass guitar is thumping on this song and then the tempo shifts to a rather upbeat jumpy moment, more solos and then back into the doom dirge.

Autopsy’s Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts is a good Autopsy album.  The production is organic and well-done for their brand of death metal.  There are some really good songs on this album and some fair-middling tracks.  Now this is coming from a long-time fan, since their debut album, and who saw them on their Acts of the Unspeakable tour with Incantation and Vital Remains decades ago….but I feel the band would benefit from waiting a few years between releases.  I think since touring is not something they do, which would eat more into their writing process, they do have more time on their hands to write.

With that being said that does not equate to better albums.  Some of the songs fly by, with no true staying power and that’s kind of been the case now with their last few releases.  2013’s The Headless Ritual I feel was their last real memorable album, if I am being honest.  The album cover, once again done by Wes Benscoter, is gross and exceptional, his artwork is still some of the best in the industry.  All in all, good album, Autopsy can do better, though.

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Written by Frank Rini
October 30th, 2023


  1. Commented by: Bast

    This album, more times than not, puts me in a good mood.

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