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Greece’s Murder Made God unleashed a pretty ferocious debut album several months ago, entitled Irreverence. I reviewed it on here and stated I really liked it, however I was hoping for a little more variety in some spots. Overall Murder Made God has made a splash in the death metal community with their cool band name and vicious brutal onslaught in how they approach death metal. The album is filled with vicious blast beats that will shatter windows and a pretty killer guitar sound. Vocals are brutal and will smash you in the face with no intent on letting up. When the band does break into a groove and mixes things up a bit, like on the song “Methods of Humanity”, you will swirl around the pit destroying everything in your path- this is such an amazing song and the band already has plans for a sophomore album. So in the meantime fire up some gyros, look to the Gods above, order Irreverence and read this interview with Murder Made God’s bassist, Stelios.

Please state your name and what you do in the band and how you feel you make your band better?

Hello there! My name is Stelios and I play bass for the band. The other members are Dennis(guitar), Chris(drums) and George(vocals). My contribution in the band is achieved either by facilitating the general cooperation between us or involving the configuration and setting of the primary music stuff that came up usually from Dennis (guitar).

With the unleashing of Irreverence, your debut cd on Brutal Bands, what do you hope to accomplish? How do you feel this album will be received by fans/press?

Initially, I would like to say that we are more than happy for this release. Hence, our main target, as a band, is focused on our music reaching all the more people ears worldwide and hopefully with a good response and appropriate contacts to have the opportunity to perform it at new places. Regarding the forthcoming response of Irreverence album I think that it has a positive acceptance.

Are you happy with the album and what can fans expect to hear on the album? What went into the recording process, from album name, album cover, songs and writing it? Does everyone contribute?

As I stated previously we are very excited for our debut album. We worked intensively for this, even on a period quite tough for the band in many ways. First and foremost something that someone can expect from Irreverence is brutal and extreme music. Therefore, it is an album full of aggressive riff and blast beats, without missing groovy parts. I have now to refer to Stelios ‘Stelth’ Koslidis (the man behind the sound production) who not only help us to make it happen but took the whole thing one step forward. As for the other elements of the album, the cover artwork made by Colin Marks, the layout by Tasos Masias and generally depicts our thoughts about all religions and their bad impact on people logical thinking. Thus, the name Irreverence is something that has to do with the ridiculous situations people are involved in as a result of their blind faith. Finally, lyrics and themes of the songs, which is our singer’s George work, refer to the major social and political problems that a man or woman can face in an authoritarian world full of inequalities and economic exploitation.

Who came up with such a clever band name and why does it fit your sound?

Actually the idea for the band name came from a good friend. One of the meanings of Murder Made God has to do with a nihilistic perception of human existence which we want to deconstruct into a positive and creative sense. Thus, the aggressiveness and the determination that is needed for this objective I think fit our sound perfectly.

Since the album has been in the works for a while, are you already thinking of future ideas for a sophomore album?

Yes, surely, we have already in mind a second album. At this time, we don’t have something specific to announce, I mean dates, recordings time schedules etc, but we will soon start working on new material which will be the music groundwork of our next album.

What/who are some of your influences? I notice a Behemoth influence in terms of blasting and power, would you agree with that assessment?

I’m glad to hear that because the band you mentioned is one of the groups we really enjoy listening to, and of course is one from which, less or more, we are influenced by. Other influences I could mention can come from bands such as Decapitated, Beneath The Massacre, Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Despised Icon etc.

Have you visited Mount Olympus or any of the other Greek islands near you? What are some great places to visit?

Yes, we had visited some of these places in the past. Admittedly, here, there are really picturesque places to be. Except for Mount Olympus and islands as you said someone can visit Halkidiki in the North which has some of the most beautiful coast lines in Greece, I recommend it unreservedly for summer vacations.

Can you make Souvlaki or Moussaka? What is important when making a good Tzatziki sauce? Did you grow up in a traditional Greek household or was it more progressive?

You have just mentioned two classic recipes of Greek cuisine. Both of them are awesome and delicious. Now, regarding the tzatziki sauce the most important ingredient is garlic and its quantity, without which all we have is just a yogurt sauce with pieces of chopped cucumber. As you can understand, we grew up in traditional households regarding the habits but progressive in the aspect of ideas, views etc.

Would your parents allow you to marry outside the Greek Orthodox religion and would you if you met the right person?

We consider these connotations such as ‘Greek Orthodox’ as fake identities which have nothing to do with real life activity. So the answer comes easy on this issue. We believe in any human relationship with the condition of being characterized by mutual respect, companionship, solidarity and real creative love. We perceive humans as stand alone political beings who own their own reality.

Are you friends with other bands in your area, like Terrordrome or Dead Congregation? How is the scene in Greece and do you play live, a lot? Can you light a fire under the ass of Dead Congregation, for them to record another album, what the hell is going on with that? Also, are you familiar with the power metal band, Astronomikon, from Greece, as well, they kick ass.

Yes, indeed! We generally have a quite good link with many great bands from our country like the above you mentioned. With many of them we also have good personal relationships and we spare time together. As for Murder Made God, we will try to participate in some events in Greece this year to promote the new album. The scene in Greece grows up all the more and new bands come forth which is more than hopeful. At this point, I would like to mention Greek Death/Grind Scene ( ) a group on facebook which helps the maximum local bands and also holds an annual 2-day local fest. This year it will be the third one in row. Last but not least, I would like to note that in this group are actively involved people who just love this music as listeners, which is more than awesome! Another fest called Brutality Over Sanity Deathfest is on the same reasoning supporting the local scene. Finally, as regard Dead Congregation, from what I know they‘re getting ready for something new. About Astronomikon, sorry but I didn’t know them…

How does the Greek scene differ from other scenes?

I think every musical scene worldwide has its own characteristics and being affected by the general environment of the place it is established. So it is difficult to set a standard on this diversity.

Any chance of touring with this album and do you have any final thoughts/comments for the readers?

Absolutely, it’s in our plans to make a tour and play at some festivals for the promotion of Irreverence so we‘re working on it this period of time. Ending up, I would like to thank you for this interview. Moreover, I have to thank everyone who supports us in any way both in Greece and worldwide. Cheers and take care!!!



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