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Murder Made God – Endless Return

Greece’s Murder Made God have been on my radar since their 2013 Brutal Bands Release Irreverence. If you are not familiar with the style of death metal Murder Made God play I would describe as quite percussively rhythmic and groovy.  Murder Made God’s 2019 effort Endless Return is no exception.  Kicking things off with “Alive”, […]

Murder Made God – Enslaved

Murder Made God came to my attention with their first album, Irreverence, that was a nice little diamond in the rough that I came across in 2013 and ended up on my top ten list that year.  It was a killer brutal slam/tech death album that got many spins in the ‘ol CD player.  So […]

Interview With Murder Made God

Greece’s Murder Made God unleashed a pretty ferocious debut album several months ago, entitled Irreverence. I reviewed it on here and stated I really liked it, however I was hoping for a little more variety in some spots. Overall Murder Made God has made a splash in the death metal community with their cool band name and vicious brutal onslaught in how they approach death metal. The album is filled with vicious blast beats that will shatter windows and a pretty killer guitar sound. Vocals are brutal and will smash you in the face with no intent on letting up. When the band does break into a groove and mixes things up a bit, like on the song “Methods of Humanity”, you will swirl around the pit destroying everything in your path- this is such an amazing song and the band already has plans for a sophomore album. So in the meantime fire up some gyros, look to the Gods above, order Irreverence and read this interview with Murder Made God’s bassist, Stelios.

Murder Made God – Irreverence

Murder Made God are a brutal death metal band from Greece, around for about 2-3 years. This marks their debut album and if you like your music fast and furious with hints of technicality to it, then buy this. If you’re looking for something original, that has not been done to death time and time […]