Murder Made God

Murder Made God are a brutal death metal band from Greece, around for about 2-3 years. This marks their debut album and if you like your music fast and furious with hints of technicality to it, then buy this. If you’re looking for something original, that has not been done to death time and time again, well,…hmmm… avoid this like a McDonald’s restroom, after lunch time.

The blasting is furious and ferocious and is also triggered like a muthafucker, no organic sound on here, the double bass having an Origin sound to it, like a super-fast typewriter. If you’re looking at me saying, “Typewriter? What is that?,” then look it up and have sympathy for some of us older bastards that had to type college reports on these pieces of shit back in the day. Then you will realize Christ, 1 page could take 20 minutes to type up, especially if you had to use correcto tape or white out and wait for it to dry before typing over your mistake…omfg, the nightmares, the chaos, next time I see a typewriter I’m going to fuckin punish it…

Oh, did I go off on a tangent again, well it’s not due to my age. I’m not that old, but I did to not only prove a point about why computers replaced the archaic typewriter, but that this album at points, while I like it, I zone the fuck out. Kinda like what I do with Hour of Penance. I love the ultra brutal stuff, but my mantra is make it memorable. Just because you can beat the piss out of a drum, play heavy and growl like a muthafucker, please write some memorable songs. Because in the end, I am the consumer and I would love to go back to your CD time and time again. But, I’ll stash it in my garage if nothing is memorable.

When Murder Made God are on, they are on. Look no further than “Methods of Humanity”. Ferocious to the max and a real good memorable guitar riff. But wait until that 2:45 section with the stop/start riffing, with double bass going over it. I swear to Christ this part is one of the best parts on the album and I even picked up my refrigerator in a fury and was tossing it around the kitchen like it was nobody’s business, just fuckin body slamming the hell out of it. This part is that brutally brilliant. The opening track, they actually have a cool video for it, “Throne of Derision”, is also a real cool tune, with some start/stop riffing and memorable as fuck. But then you will start to wonder where the time went as some of the tunes begin to run together, sounding like the same song over and over again.

I will listen to this more, of course, since I love brutal fuckin music, but next time they have to write some more memorable songs. Irreverence is a decent debut and I look forward to seeing how they can improve on their sophomore album. The album cover and band name, for one thing, are cool as shit. Sure bludgeon me over the head, I love it, but if you can make me remember the songs, well then it actually comes across more brutal and more people will be able to latch onto your sound.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
August 22nd, 2013


  1. Commented by: Kevin E.

    I absolutely loved this album. Will probably find its way onto my year end list.

  2. Commented by: Frank Rini

    Yeah, Kevin, there are parts I love on the album, just want thought some songs flew by without some individuality. I have an upcoming interview with them, if they ever send it back to me. Thx for reading, though! Frank \m/

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