New Label, Coroner Records set for first two releases

Coroner Records, a new italian metal label located in Torino, is gearing up for their first two releases:

Disarmonia Mundi’s first album “Nebularium” remastered plus 6 new tracks in stores on the 26th of June!
Italian death metallers Disarmonia Mundi announce they just signed a deal with Coroner Records.
Before the release of their new album entitled “The Isolation Game“, scheduled for an October-November release, a completely remastered version of their debut album “Nebularium” will see the light via Coroner Records.The re-release will contain a bonus cd entitled “The Restless Memoirs EP” with 6 previously unreleased tracks and a completely new artwork. “Nebularium + The Restless Memoires EP” will be released in a double digipack the 26th of June.
Nebularium” track list:
1. Into D.M.
2. Blue Lake
3. Mechanichell
4. Guilty Claims
5. Burning Cells
6. Demiurgo
7. Nebularium
8. Awakening
The Restless Memoirs EP” track list:
1. Across The Burning Surface
2. Flare
3. Spiral Dancer
4. Kneeling On Broken Glass
5. Chester
6. Ghost Song


Destrage’s first album “Urban Being” in stores on the 24th of June!
Italian alternative melodeath metallers Destrage just signed with Coroner Records for the release of their debut album entitled “Urban Being“. The album, presented as a breath of fresh air in the stagnant melodic death-metal music scene, features an incredible technical approach and some of the most versatile musicianship you will ever hear.”Urban Being” has been produced by Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia Mundi, Slowmotion Apocalypse, Stigma) and will be released the 24th of June.

Urban Being” track list:

1. Trash for Sale
2. Art for Free
3. Self ID Generator
4. The H Factor
5. Joker the Fast
6. Infinite Dump System Circle
7. Beauty Clown
8. Digital Abuse
9. Very Important Pointless
10. Urban Being
A preview of the new tracks can be heard at the official Destrage MySpace page: