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Destrage – The King is Fat ‘N’ Old

When I first listened to the sophomore album The King is Fat ‘n’ Old by Italian metal group Destrage, I was a little unsure of just what to classify them as. My initial impression from their opening track “Double Yeah” made me actually think that they were just going to be another hardcore band due […]

Breach the Void – The Monochromatic Era

Starting out originally under the name Etna, the Swiss group Breach the Void takes on a style of synth infused Cyber-Metal that brings them into the ranks of bands such as Sonic Syndicate, Mnemic, Threat Signal, In Flames, Scar Symmetry and Fear Factory. The band’s inception came with Alex Anxionna, whom after his time drumming […]

Disharmonia Mundi – The Isolation Game

Ive always championed Italy’s Disharmonia Mundi as one of the more underrated melodic death metal bands in the scene. Obviously overshadowed by the likes In Flames, Dark Tranquility and Soilwork, the band has still managed to hang around and are now on album number 4 (not including last years re-issue of Nebularium and The Restless […]

Fallen Within, The – Intoxicated

While The Fallen Within’s debut comes with the melodic death tag, but it’s certainly much more to the melodic side of the coin than the death side. The band obviously takes its cues from two of the giants of that genre, In Flames and Soilwork, but generally speaking, there are far lighter moments than you’d […]

Tardive Dyskinesia – The Sea of See-Through Skins

I don’t often put on Meshuggah albums, but I certainly understand the appeal. It’s a sound that’s precise and punishing, at once layered and dense, yet colorless and spare. And its haphazard, violent lurch and bellow demands, focuses, even galvanizes your attention – until suddenly, it doesn’t. Time and time again, my attention always wanders […]

Disharmonia Mundi – Nebularium + Restless Memoirs EP

Now more known for having Bjorn “speed’ Strid (Soilwork, Terror 2000) in their ranks, Italy’s Disharmonia Mundi were actually a pretty progressive melodic death metal band before Strid joined the fold, as this re-issue of their 2002 debut shows. While I was impressed with the (vastly under-rated) Strid era albums (2006s Mind Tricks and 2004s […]

Destrage – Urban Being

One of the first two releases from Italy’s fledgling Coroner Records, (the other being a re-issue of Disharmonia Mundi’s under-rated 2002 debut, Nebularium), despite the cover art and name, I actually came away impressed with Destrage’s take on groovy, thrashy, rocking take on melodic death metal. With a healthy dose of commercial rock, some death […]

New Label, Coroner Records set for first two releases

Coroner Records, a new italian metal label located in Torino, is gearing up for their first two releases: Disarmonia Mundi’s first album “Nebularium” remastered plus 6 new tracks in stores on the 26th of June! Italian death metallers Disarmonia Mundi announce they just signed a deal with Coroner Records. Before the release of their new […]