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Scar Symmetry – The Unseen Empire

Swedish prog death metal band Scar Symmetry comes back with their fifth studio release, The Unseen Empire, a concept album put forth about the Illuminati — or as quoted from drummer Henrik Ohlsson, this album “seeks to expose the hidden hand of the elite that pull the strings of mankind in order to fulfill their […]

Interview with After The Burial

Taking over the metal and post-hardcore scene by storm with a consistently massive ever-growing fan base, Minnesota’s After the Burial is quickly rising pretty high in the ranks. It’s not too often you see a crowd go completely nuts over the opening acts rather than the headliners of a tour, but that was exactly the case when I had a chance to catch up with ATB bassist, Lee Foral on their latest tour with As I Lay Dying and Winds of Plague.

Deadlock – Bizarro World

Germany’s Deadlock Makes it back on the scene with their 5th studio release “Bizarro World” which yet again doesn’t seem to quite cut it as far as getting them too much recognition in the metal community.  From what I’ve heard from their last albums and read online they don’t change things up too much.  Straying […]

Destrage – The King is Fat ‘N’ Old

When I first listened to the sophomore album The King is Fat ‘n’ Old by Italian metal group Destrage, I was a little unsure of just what to classify them as. My initial impression from their opening track “Double Yeah” made me actually think that they were just going to be another hardcore band due […]

Breach the Void – The Monochromatic Era

Starting out originally under the name Etna, the Swiss group Breach the Void takes on a style of synth infused Cyber-Metal that brings them into the ranks of bands such as Sonic Syndicate, Mnemic, Threat Signal, In Flames, Scar Symmetry and Fear Factory. The band’s inception came with Alex Anxionna, whom after his time drumming […]

After the Burial – In Dreams

It’s time to chalk another one up to the Midwestern metal scene with Minnesota’s After the Burial and their second release on Sumerian Records, In Dreams. This is definitely going to be a favorite for fans of the math metal variety with Meshuggah inevitably being the prime example that comes to mind. And rightfully so, […]

Times of Grace – The Hymn of a Broken Man

For those who have ever wondered what Killswitch Engage would be like―and I know every fan has―if original vocalist Jesse Leach had stayed with them, you may finally get a little bit of an idea with the release of Hymn of a Broken Man by Times of Grace. It’s the creative collaboration of lead Killswitch […]