PANOPTICON Signs With Bindrune Recordings

Kentucky folk metal act , Panopticon announced via  their Facebook page that the band was now a member of the Bindrune Recordings stable. Lone member Austin Lunn further stated:

“Well, here it is. The announcement I was promising.
Change is inevitable and if we resist it, sometimes it can be painful. I have parted ways for the with both of the labels I have been working with, The legendary Pagan Flames productions as well as Flenser records for various reasons. Above all, we all remain good friends and this split was not for any drama reasons or negativity…simply that all of us were seeing our selves go in different directions. The releases that are out already will remain with those labels and you will still be able to get them from their web shops and in distros.

A decision has been reached for the future of this project and the label home that makes the most sense for me. I have chosen to sign with Bindrune recordings in Traverse City, Michigan. There are many reasons….Many of my favorite bands have been or are on that label (Blood of the Black Owl, Falls of Rauros,Celestiial,Nechochwen, Wodensthrone, Waldgeflüster, Alda, Obsequiae) …the aesthetic suits me and my values as a person and as a musician….and above all, Marty, the owner, is one of my best friends. So the move made a lot of sense to me and I am VERY happy to be allowed to be on the label. That being said, the first release for the label is the Falls of Rauros/Panopticon split lp…followed shortly by the new Panopticon album “Roads to the North”. “Roads to the North” is again, a concept album, this time of a highly personal nature…dealing with the ways in which my personal life has changed over the past 2 years or so…the many places I have moved for my professional life, becoming a father, changes in my perspective and world view…the album is emotionally charged, dense and is also a very long record. I am honored to hand this record to Marty and see it released under the Bindrune Banner….

Thank all of you for the time and energy you have invested in me. I hope to continue to make music you find relevant to your lives and I consider it an honor to share my work with you.
Don’t let the fire burn out!