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Panopticon – Autumn Eternal

After telling us about his Kentucky roots with 2012s Kentucky, and then his move to Minnesota with last years Roads to the North, Austin Lunn appears to have settled down and is down dealing with the most fitting season for his style of organic, naturalistic and atmospheric black metal- Autumn. And I gather autumn in […]

Panopticon – Roads to the North

Panopticon and Bindrune Recordings is a match made in heaven. A label that has released some truly special atmospheric, organic and naturalistic metal (Falls of Rauros, Nechochwen, Blood of the Black Owl, Obsequiae) finally releasing a more accessible and wider CD release of Austin Lunn’s 5th album under the Panopticon banner, a project that personifies organic, atmospheric and naturalistic. […]

PANOPTICON Signs With Bindrune Recordings

Kentucky folk metal act , Panopticon announced via  their Facebook page that the band was now a member of the Bindrune Recordings stable. Lone member Austin Lunn further stated: “Well, here it is. The announcement I was promising. Change is inevitable and if we resist it, sometimes it can be painful. I have parted ways […]

Vestiges/Panopticon – Split LP

This is a polarizing release for me. When I first heard it was happening, I was confounded. I didn’t think the bands fit together, and though I absolutely love Panopticon, the inclusion of Vestiges I was decidedly less enthusiastic about. Vestiges play a mash-up of Fall of Efrafa-esque post metal and crust with inclusions of […]