PSYCHOSTICK New Album Set For US Release May 5, 2009


Phoenix, Arizona, comedy/metal band Psychostick has finished recording their new album, Sandwich. Work on the 24-track opus to food, email spam, bad directions, revenge and more food began in August 2008. A May 5, 2009, release (US only) is scheduled via Rock Ridge Music. Sandwich is the follow-up album to Psychostick’s 2006 release, “We Couldn’t Think Of A Title.”

Song titles on Sandwich include “Caffeine”, “Minimum Rage” and “#1 Radio $ingle.” The band also recorded, as per their album fundraiser, “373 Thank Yous.” 373 represents the number of fans – who are individually thanked in the song itself – who donated $50 or more to help the band pay for studio time and equipment. “373 Thank Yous” has a run-time of 14:19.

The album was recorded by guitarist Josh Key at Toxic Recording in Gilbert, Arizona, and features new members Jake McReynolds on second guitar and former Indorphine vocalist Jimmy Grant on bass. Rounding out the band roster are Alex Preiss (drums), and Rob Kersey (vocals).

Psychostick gained notoriety in Spring 2007 when their song “Beer is Good…. And Stuff” became a #1 single on XM Radio’s Liquid Metal show for seven weeks.

Video blog from the studio: