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Psychostick – Revenge of the Vengeance

Comedy and metal are odd bed fellows and the end results can be very hit or miss. I mean before Dethklok you have to go back to Crotchduster and before that possibly Lawnmower Deth ,Green Jelly and even Spinal Tap to find credible examples.  And Arizona’s Psychostick are the very epitome of hit and miss. The balance […]

PSYCHOSTICK New Album Set For US Release May 5, 2009

PSYCHOSTICK – NEW ALBUM COMPLETED ENTITLED “SANDWICH” Phoenix, Arizona, comedy/metal band Psychostick has finished recording their new album, Sandwich. Work on the 24-track opus to food, email spam, bad directions, revenge and more food began in August 2008. A May 5, 2009, release (US only) is scheduled via Rock Ridge Music. Sandwich is the follow-up […]