SweDeath Supergroup SKINEATER To Release Debut on Pulverised Records

The foul harvest is finally ripe for the picking. Swedish supergroup SKINEATER is on a murderous rampage with the band’s debut effort Dermal Harvest, a petrifying array of extremely deadly and precision-cut Death Metal!

De-skinned to perfection, Dermal Harvest showcases some of the most resilient veterans in the Swedish Extreme scene, with past and present members from Wombbath, In Thy Dreams, Dark Funeral, Carnal Forge, Defleshed, etc. The end result is an unstoppable skin-butcher unit literally flaying everything in its path! Never has Death Metal extremity been so well brewed with melodic darkness in a long time.

Recorded at various locations, mixed and mastered at Sweden’s Studio Underground (Carnal Forge, Steel Attack, Fleshcrawl, Necrodeath, etc), and with the striking album artwork designed and conceptualised by Mathias Björkbacka, “Dermal Harvest” is without doubt a world-class audioviolence with sick torturous intent.

Dermal Harvest is set for release on February 19, 2013 in North America (January 28th in Europe).  An album teaser has been posted at soundcloud.com/pulverised.

He Was Murdered


Your Life Is Mine

Made Of Godsick

Through The Empire



Thousand Dead Faces

Bring Them

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