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Skineater – Dermal Harvest

Skineater is a new entrant into the world of sometimes manic, sometimes melodic Swedish death metal, but these aren’t pimpled-faced kids just starting out. The lineup is filled to the rim with dudes who have been in Dark Funeral, Vicious, In Thy Dreams, Defleshed, Carnal Forge, among many others. It’s expected that Dermal Harvest, the […]

SweDeath Supergroup SKINEATER To Release Debut on Pulverised Records

The foul harvest is finally ripe for the picking. Swedish supergroup SKINEATER is on a murderous rampage with the band’s debut effort Dermal Harvest, a petrifying array of extremely deadly and precision-cut Death Metal! De-skinned to perfection, Dermal Harvest showcases some of the most resilient veterans in the Swedish Extreme scene, with past and present […]