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Desultory – Through Aching Aeons

Though some might argue they belonged with Dark Tranquillity and In Flames in the pantheons of Swedish metal, I’d put Desultory’s first three albums right there in the second tier of Swedish styled death metal along side the likes of Seance, Cemetery, Comecon and such. Their more melodic take on the Stockholm sound was a […]

Necrocurse – Grip of the Dead

Up until Regain Records reissued the band’s discography in 2009, I never really cared for Sweden’s blackened thrashers Nifelheim. The band hasn’t released anything since 2007, but vocalist Hellbutcher has been busy and one of his latest projects is Necrocurse – a band that combines Nifelheim‘s black thrash, spikes ‘n’ satan visage with the current […]

Skineater – Dermal Harvest

Skineater is a new entrant into the world of sometimes manic, sometimes melodic Swedish death metal, but these aren’t pimpled-faced kids just starting out. The lineup is filled to the rim with dudes who have been in Dark Funeral, Vicious, In Thy Dreams, Defleshed, Carnal Forge, among many others. It’s expected that Dermal Harvest, the […]

ULCER’s Grant Us Death Out On February 19th Through Pulverised Records

Poland’s morbid sextet ULCER returns this time in worship of the old-school Swedeath chainsaw laceration! Never for a moment losing focus on the authentic Swedish fucking Death Metal sound that has terrorized the globe for decades, the band’s new full-length effort Grant Us Death is truly an unspeakable act of zombie-invoking riffs, heavily dosed with horror-theme […]

SweDeath Supergroup SKINEATER To Release Debut on Pulverised Records

The foul harvest is finally ripe for the picking. Swedish supergroup SKINEATER is on a murderous rampage with the band’s debut effort Dermal Harvest, a petrifying array of extremely deadly and precision-cut Death Metal! De-skinned to perfection, Dermal Harvest showcases some of the most resilient veterans in the Swedish Extreme scene, with past and present […]

Bastard Priest – Ghouls of the Endless Night

If there is one label that’s almost on par with Dark Descent Records as far as old school Swedish death metal worship, its Pulverized Records. With the likes of Crucifyre, Morbius Chron, Interment, Tribulation and Desultory‘s comeback, they have created their own nice little stable of retro Swedish death metal acts. Well, add Sweden’s awesome […]

In Mourning – Monolith

Sweden’s In Mourning made a grand entrance into the melodic death/doom arena with their 2008 debut Shrouded Divine. Their even blend of earthy, rumbling doom and agile progressive death drew a lot of comparisons to Finnish heavyweights like Rapture, Swallow the Sun and Insomnium, but they most resembled a more straightforward, less adventurous version of […]

Burial Hordes – Devotion to Unholy Creed

This Greek band first hit my radar because of the Enshadowed connections. I was compelled to seek out the other bands those god fearing, fine upstanding members of christiandom were involved with. War, Revenge & Total Annihilation just greased the rails with christian blood for a boat launching of Scandinavian proportions. Raw nordic black metal […]

Seance – Awakening of the Gods

It’s about time for those who still haven’t heard Swedish old-school Death Metal veterans Seance to finally join the club. Having vanished into thin air in the early 90’s they resurfaced in 2008, more than fifteen years after their well-acclaimed sophomore release Saltrubbed Eyes. Sadly, I never had the chance to become familiar with them […]

Azure – King of Stars-Bearer of Dark

Despite the power metal cover, Sweden’s Azure deliver a pretty solid slab of melodic and accessible black/war metal, and thanks to Deathgasm, King of Stars-Bearer of Dark now has a US license from Pulverized Records. This is as ‘nice’ as black metal gets, with the catchy restraint of early Norther meets the epic dynamics of […]