Reunited “cosmic doom metal” band YOB has completed work on its new full length album entitled The Great Cessation. The record will see a July 14, 2009 release date via Profound Lore Records.

Long respected as one of doom metal’s finest and most potent bands, YOB creates mastodonic, mind-bending music. The Great Cessation was recorded in the band’s hometown of Eugene, Oregon with fast-rising producer Sanford Parker (The Gates of Slumber, Nachtmystium, Pelican) and is unquestionably the trio’s finest hour. Clocking in at just over an hour, the album features 5 epic-length songs that showcase YOB’s relentless stomp, brontosaurus pound and holy mountain of gargantuan riffs. Led by the nuclear-strength peristaltic chug of the twenty minute title track, The Great Cessation is a recording that threatens to raise the bar for doom metal achievement with a deliberate, maddening momentum.

“The album will be called “The Great Cessation,” states YOB vocalist / guitarist Mike Scheidt when asked for comment. “It has 5 tracks clocking in at 60 minutes. We are incredibly happy with how the tracking turned out. This album has some of our heaviest riffs, ever. We are very much looking forward to sharing these tunes with our friends worldwide.” The Great Cessation’s foreboding album cover art can be viewed now at this location.

The track listing for The Great Cessation is as follows:

1.) Burning the Altar (12:34)
2.) The Lie that is Sin (11:16)
3.) Silence of Heaven (9:48)
4.) Breathing from the Shallows (7:35)
5.) The Great Cessation (20:34)

A warning as to the suffocating sounds that The Great Cessation holds in store for its listener can be experienced now as the album’s lead track “Burning the Altar” has been posted online at this location.

Since its formation in 1996, YOB has released a string of critically acclaimed full length albums including 2001’s Elaborations of Carbon, 2003’s Catharsis, 2004’s The Illusion of Motion and The Unreal Never Lived (2005). The band has been heralded as “one of the most original doom acts” and “heavier than the world`s entire elephant population.” YOB’s astonishing live performances have left a lasting impression on fans both new and old and its unrelenting doom metal has secured it an unfading place in the history of heavy metal.

In addition to Scheidt, YOB features Travis Foster (Drums) and Aaron Reiseberg (Bass).