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YOB – Clearing the Path to Ascend

Through tremendous work ethics, perseverance and a non-stop willingness to break down and twist the conventions of the doom genre, Eugene, Oregon’s YOB are deservedly regarded as one of the most innovative and revered bands in the modern doom landscape. The formidable trio, led by mastermind Mike Scheidt (vocals, guitar), disbanded following 2005’s excellent The […]

Yob – The Great Cessation

Not being quite certain whether the title refers to the end of the lawsuits related to Mike Scheidt’s interim band, Middian, or whether this is his way of saying that the reformation of the band he is best known for is a one-off kiss this ass goodbye proposition – hope not – I am quite […]


Reunited “cosmic doom metal” band YOB has completed work on its new full length album entitled The Great Cessation. The record will see a July 14, 2009 release date via Profound Lore Records. Long respected as one of doom metal’s finest and most potent bands, YOB creates mastodonic, mind-bending music. The Great Cessation was recorded […]

Yob – The Unreal Never Lived

Come with me, if you dare, into the uncharted sonic depths of the dense, murky musical ocean that is Yob. With every new release, Yob grows increasingly dynamic, layered and interesting to delve into. The Unreal Never Lived finds the band at it, dare I say it, most melodic to date. Not that they’re in […]

Yob – The Illusion of Motion

Every so often, an album is released that contains a markedly higher level of anticipation around it. Promises of a “groundbreaking” or a “genre-defining” effort are thrown around like so many empty words, as most people know that such promises rarely come to fruition. The latest such “big” album in the pipe is the next from […]