Burning Human
Resurrection Through Fire

Burning Human is the classic death metal band that was originally formed in way back in 1995, but they never officially released anything. Of note though is that Burning Human (then and now)¬†features current Shadows Fall and former Crisis drummer, Jason Bittner. The band recently re-united and with the help of producer James Murphy (who also adds some guest guitar work), has unleashed a pure throwback death metal album that harkens back to the glory days of Death’s Leprosy and Massacre’s From Beyond.

If you don’t believe the above comparisons, head right to the third track, As Good As Dead” and tell me that isn’t one of the most classically Death/Massacre inspired old school death metal riffs you’ve ever heard. The rest of the album pretty much follows suite, with the occasional blast beat thrown in (e.g. “Self Inflicted Crucifixion”, “Mass Murder”); chunky mid paced, sturdy death metal with an instantly recognizable James Murphy sound, gruff growls and no bullshit. In fact, you could easily confuse this release with the recent Jungle Rot effort, What Horrors Await, were it not for Murphy’s solos and flourishes here and there, some blastbeats and a sense of dynamics, which also ensure the album isn’t lumped in with Six Feet Under- a lazy comparison should you want to make it.

As much as I have enjoy the likes of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Obscura and Ulcerate, the fact is I grew up on this style of death metal, and when hearing such a classic, no frill, and honest example of the genre, I get goose bumps. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing remotely mind blowing about this release, its 9 songs (and one typically 1990’s intro) but the simplicity, rumbling, beefy production and the occasional solo simply come together to make for a rewarding, no nonsense album that you can actually absorb in one sitting or one song at time. I found my self coming back to the opening riff of “As Good as Dead” over and over as well as other superbly nostalgic tracks like “Chemical Experimentation”, the simply classic slow rumble of “Guilty of Insanity”, “Mass Murder” and utterly throwback trot of “Imminent Demise”. And as you can see, the bands lyrical themes are also pure 90s.

If bands like Bloodbath, Tribulation and Evocation are pure Stockholm worship, then Burning Human is the US equivalent in their classic late 80’s early 90s delivery that somehow still seems fresh and vital in today’s tech obsessed scene. The only thing that could have made Resurrection Through Fire even more perfect and throwback would have been a cover of “Pull The Plug”.

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Written by Erik T
April 23rd, 2009


  1. Commented by: AARONIUS

    I don’t know I like old school death metal as much as the next guy, but this just doesn’t interest me at all. Everybody raves about what a great drummer Bittner is, and while I think he’s solid I don’t find him great at all. The fact that James Murphy plays on this gives them a few points, but with all these metalcore kids trying to rehash the thrash from the eighties, and now this group of guys who are a part of the current scene trying to put out something retro (I know they were a band a long time ago but you know what I mean right?) it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Really I’m not a music snob for the most part honest.

  2. Commented by: Joe

    Leprosy AND From Beyond? That’s a lot of Rick Rozz. I happened to be jamming on both of those albums just the other day. I will dig this if it’s basically a tribute to East Coast blasters like Malevolent Creation and the Morrisound pioneers.

  3. Commented by: Red

    Sounds like a fuckin’champ of a release to me….thanks for the review Erik, I probably would’ve never checked this out.

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