Day Of Doom
I’ve reviewed Long Island, NY’s Day of Doom last several albums and Doomed is their sixth album and they streamlined their approach opting for shorter songs and drummer Rich Hervey is leading the charge again. “Provocation of Iniquity” begins this 10 song 38 minute album with what sounds like people talking, explosions and buildings collapsing as the air horns are blasted through a city. Seems like a big monster is walking too, but a news cast talks about a virus. Guitar comes in as background and this intro is super creative. I love it.
The title track erupts with monster blast beats and Day of Doom continue with their rawer more organic style of brutal death metal. The 1.19 mark has a cool bass bomb drop as the song gets into a killer groove and the bomb is dropped again during this moment. Great groove as the song abruptly gets into a blast then drops back down with cool guitar solos. These solos float in and out of the rest of the title track and Rich should be happy. The bass drums have the best sound yet on any DOD release. The monster from the beginning, who roared (clip from a monster movie that I can’t put my finger on), roars again and the song continues a bit more before ending. Fun opening thus far. “If I Was God” opens with a huge explosion and a very cool opening drum beat. I would have scaled back the vocal mix. They are too upfront and the brutal barking overtakes at certain moments. The good thing is overall all instruments are mixed excellently. Guitars, bass and drums sound clear and terrific. Regardless; the 2.10 moment is great with varying tempo shifts and I like how Rich is hitting the toms and the double bass going over these moments is exceptional.

“Corporate Swine” starts with a 90’s era death metal beat and then into a blast. The rumbling heaviness at the 45 second part rules and then the DOOM part of the band comes in. Super heavy slow down. A little old school Autopsy flair to the slow down.  I love DOD not over producing their albums. Their organic nature makes them a band which stands out, for me.
This track gets into more blasts but slows down more with creative guitar riffing. Vocals are gruff but understandable, this is great. I can make out a lot of what is being barked at us during the songs. The 3.55 moment has an Egyptian flair to the guitar and then right into more doom death. Slow, suffocating darkness. I cannot get enough of the plodding doomy moments. The song trails off this way and this is one of my favorite songs the band has ever crafted.
“Systematic Evaporation” is the true album closer. I say this because the album ends with a 10 second song called “A Moment of Silence”. Unsure what the purpose is of this song. Anyway, “Systematic Evaporation” has tempo shifts all over the place with the brutality and the 1.20 jumpy groove pattern being a fun and excellent moment. Great guitar riffing and soloing going on and nice audible bass guitar. Double bass drums flip flopping our heads off around every turn. Another bass bomb drop towards the end of the song as the mid paced heaviness is incredible and then trails off.
Doomed by Day of Doom is one of the best albums of 2022.  I appreciate true organic heaviness and yet again they prove to be a diamond in the rough. Coming from LI, New York they never resembled many of the bands in that scene and always going for a rawer and filthier sound. Some elements on this album call to mind some early Brazilian death/thrash bands from the 80’s. It’s how the music is crafted and the raw and dark edge which makes me think this. The album cover is great and goes along with the lyrical themes and music quite well. I’m loving this album- please like their social media pages and support Day of Doom!
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Written by Frank Rini
May 19th, 2022


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