Faceless Burial
Grotesque Miscreation

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Faceless Burial are a power trio of unimaginable death metal might. Theirs is an unremittingly dark and dexterous sound which draws in a variety of death metal traditions: the gooey grind of early ’90s Finland, the spiraling surge of classic Tampa, the bazooka-blown fury of old Brazil, the atonal angularity ushered in by Immolation, and the cacophonous caverns traveled by Incantation.” 

These two sentences were part of the bio/press info. that accompanied Faceless Burial‘s request for review, and I’ll be damned if these two sentences aren’t spot fucking on. In fact, so true do these words ring that I almost feel guilty penning this review; like someone did my homework for me kind of guilt. So much, that if we didn’t write reviews for free, I would feel obligated to send somebody in the Faceless Burial camp some money, just for the sake of the matter. Regardless of the statements origin, the validity of  it requires only one listening of Grotesque Miscreation for it to become fact.

Imagine World Without God-era Convulse mixed with the swampy, angular brilliance of Morbid Angel, and dipped in a fine sheen of Incantation. Sounds awesome, and somehow delicious. Does it not?

The power and attitude captured on Grotesque Miscreation is pure old school magic. The band’s penchant in crafting dark and  twisted and streamlined angular chaos with a dirty and massive groove is simply undeniable. And let me be clear, “groove” is the key word. These tracks bleed a literal headbanging groove of a good time. From the dense groove found in “Malignant Excavation”,  or the slower lurchings within the speedy “Unrelenting Member”, or the fat death filled Convulse meets Grave meets Gorefest  groove/assault of the album’s title track, you will proudly wreck your neck and throw those horns. That’s not even counting the Immolation-esque “Useless Seed” or “Dominion of Swelling Flesh and Chaos”, with its grinding abilities, shuffling grooves and swampy lurches that are delightful in a evil enshrouded murkiness that encompasses  the whole of Grotesque Miscreation. In fact, underneath it all, the album is clearly a dark and dirty affair at its soul, but the mighty groove they wield is just unfuckable with and never overdone.

Being rooted in the old school, yet not sounding dated in any way, Faceless Burial are able to transport your feelings to that time of early to mid ’90’ bliss, when death metal was still pretty fresh and genuinely exciting in its unknown nature. My hat is off to this deathly trio, as Grotesque Miscreation has turned out to be a really enjoyable album for me. Honestly, this shit is right up my alley and my only gripe is that I wasn’t aware of the band or their debut early enough to include them on my list of best albums of 2017. Just as it did me, I imagine that Grotesque Miscreation slipped by many of you at the end of last year as well. My advice? Don’t let it continue to get away. Ive since made up for my folly, will you?

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Kristofor Allred
March 1st, 2018


  1. Commented by: Nick Taxidermy

    I really like the phrase “power trio of unimaginable death metal might.”

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