Indomitable Worldwide Slamdemic

Late last year,  I reviewed the new ep from resurrected brutal slam death metal band Necrambulant.  I mentioned how much I loved their 2013 debut album Infernal Infectious Necro-Ambulatory Pandemic and the new ep A Feast of Festering Flesh is good.  I did feel some of that putrid and filthy sludge that was on the debut album was missing a bit on the new ep.

Bring in Invirulant – also hailing from Phoenix, AZ, newly formed, and guess what??  No don’t say chicken butt!  As taken from Metal Archives:  Initially formed by Brandon Shobe as a resurrection of Necrambulant with an entirely new lineup, but changed their name when it was disputed by other Necrambulant members, who had reactivated their band under the same name in 2022.

So what do you expect when you see Inherited Suffering Records putting something like this out?  Well, I can say that Invirulant’s Indomitable Worldwide Slamdemic debut album sounds like the rightful successor to Necrambulant’s debut album as if it was released let’s say in 2015, a few years after the debut.  You want sludge, putrid filth, knuckle-dragging brutal slam death metal – well the dark lord almighty – this is that record.  Fans of: Abominable Putridity, Traumatomy, Korpse, Kanine, Emasculated Vituperation will go apeshit over this album.  Also newly released on the label, prior to this, is the debut album from Slamadeus – Slamphony No. 1.  I mention this because that’s also in the vein of this album, is super killer and the band name has me and site owner Erik, in stiches.  Pronounce the band name again and then realize that’s something one usually does after eating Taco Bell.

Former Necrambulant vocalist, from the debut album, Brandon Shobe vomiting vocals are back in full swing after the interesting intro, which incorporates the album cover chaos going on.  “Slamophillic Supremacy of Specielitis Sigma Singulari” is such a monstrous and putrid opening song.  The isolated bass guitar parts, during the slam, will have slam pits tossing their refrigerators out the window.  The clogged-sewer pipe, vomiting on entrails stylized vocals are so fitting for this and the 808 bass bomb during the 2.40 section is actually one of those explosion styled 808’s, which are heard randomly throughout this album.  It will rupture your eardrums.  A Killer opening song and if you can recite what Brandon is spewing forth than you get a gold star, ‘cause I don’t know wtf he’s growling, but that’s the point with these type of vocals and he throws in some pig squeals as well as long growls.  I love this shit!

“Prolapsive Reticulatis from Detrivorist Coprophorgy” is a great song title.  Basically a play on words as to someone’s asshole collapsing and eating shit alongside it.  So the music is befitting, with all the burps, farts, and inhale vocals going on, it does sound like assholes are rupturing in purulence all over the bathroom floor in vomitrocious fashion.  I really enjoy the bass guitar plucking and the Holy Shit moment right before the 1.36 mark is the ticket!  Some gargles/throat burps and then right into the slamderific brutal gut-belching slam.  This is brutal and the blasts are minimal on this, but the guitar pinch harmonics will slice your head off and then play paddle ball head with it.

Ok, so Invirulant is brutal slam death metal.  You know what you’re getting into with this type of music.  I of corpse love every minute of it and the programmed drum machine sounds great.  The production is loud and crisp so every disgusting noise is heard on this.  Invirulant’s Indomitable Worldwide Slamdemic debut is 100% unadulterated and fun brutal slam, filthy, putrid, knuckle-dragging caveman brutality.  Come and get some!

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
January 2nd, 2023


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