Let There Be Witchery

Oh hey – just in time for World War III, AKA “The ACTUAL War to End All Wars” because this time around we’re all packing that doomsday-level heat.


Seriously, for what its worth, who better to ring in the potential end of days, right? We’ve all been looking over at Vladdy-boy saying “Hey. HEY! Don’t do that! You’re gonna start some shit!” and the shirtless man-child coyly stuck his finger out and went “… nah I’m gonna do it.” and poked out the Jenga block at the bottom of the tower that was barely holding everything together.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

So of COURSE this is when Cleveland’s king of fuck-all would reappear. Seems like an awfully big coincidence, no? I’m on to you, Athenar. I’M TAKING THIS ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP. Conspiracy theories aside, Midnight are back, bringing you more of that blasphemous, sneering punk-meets-black-meets-speed n’ roll that you’ve grown to love and need in your life. The audio equivalent of a cigarette held in the lips of the world’s most obnoxious shit-eating grin. And while I’m sure Athenar would tell you that the world has always been fucked, I’m sure he would agree that we’re living in a particularly appropriate time for this band’s existence. This time around, he’s leaning even further into the sleazy, sex-crazed side of things that has always been a part of the band’s persona, creating the soundtrack for the no-holds-barred, everything’s game mass orgies that can only exist in times where apocalypse is all but promised. “Nocturnal Molestation”? “In Sinful Secrecy”? “Let There Be Sodomy”? “Szex Witchery?” I’m flying half mast just reading the track list.

In truth, writing a Midnight review is an exercise in redundancy, meant only for the type of person that really loves hearing themselves talk. While I like to think I’m not that kind of guy… here we are. I mean, what can I tell you about this band or this record you probably don’t already know? Tracks like “Nocturnal Molestation” and “Villainy Wretched Villainy” prove Athenar is still the king of catchy-as-hell riffs, the latter boasting an infectious swagger that brings to mind everyone from AC/DC and Motorhead, to Venom and Hellhammer. And when he’s ready to get really down and dirty, “Telepathic Nightmare” and “Devil Virgin” are there to fill your void (heh heh) with an early blackened attack that rips the soul straight outta your asshole (with consent, of course). And speaking of swagger, “More Torment” is the heavy, rumbling, mid-paced anthem we all need to help assert our dominance through the oncoming post-apocalyptic mayhem. Midnight is not here to shock anyone with wild new ideas – they mean only to shock you with relentless riffing and a venom-spitting attitude.

One thing to give some credit for – Let There Be Witchery sounds pretty fantastic. While it’s not an ultra-polished exercise in overproduction (something that would be unthinkable for the likes of Midnight), its edges have been smoothed just enough to make it really a joy to listen to. It’s like when a dog loses its puppy teeth – it’s a whole lot more fun to play and wrestle around with, but make no mistake – it’s still more than capable of ripping your goddamned face off if you’re not careful. Let There Be Witchery is as glorious in it’s blue collar, no-frills-just-fun approach as any of Athenar’s prior work has ever been, and that’s really all you can ask for. When Putin fires the first nuke and the world quickly descends into a giant Mad Max Thunderdome cosplay, I’ll be glad I’ve got this gem added to my collection to help fuel my own self-preservative rampaging.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Steve K
March 23rd, 2022


  1. Commented by: F.Rini

    Great review!!! Midnight rules and your opening remarks had me lmfao. They also smoke live too-so great.

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