Morgue Supplier

I haven’t written a review in ages, literally seven years. I’ve come back to TOTD after only seven reviews back in 2014, and I’m super thrilled to be back, writing about metal and hearing bands I’ve never heard before. I picked Morgue Supplier for my first review back, and since I had started following vocalist/guitarist Paul Gillis on Facebook, I wanted to see what they were all about.

At first I was surprised. These guys are doing funk, grind and discordance; all the things that my ears usually like. You know, in the end its all about a cohesive blend. The merging of styles that make up an enjoyable song, and or the whole album. I think it was probably after the 3 rd day of listening to it as a complete work, and not a series of tracks. Which is where Im at now This an album I would listen to if I was driving home from an angry break up, or Ive just told my boss to suck a bag of dicks. I would pick a track like My Path to Hell or Empty Vacant Shell, concerning the former and latter in that statement.

Inevitability hits hard with opening salvo Absurd Identity, a fourminute beat down of blood, spit and savagery, likened only to a surprise Honey Badger attack.

There’s a lot going on here, sometimes too much and it creates a maelstrom of influences slamming on each other. This is where I started thinking that this isnt an easy album to listen to in a sitting, which is what I try to do in a review. I was left wishing with next track Closing In. It starts off with a really cool doom feeling, foreboding, even. However, around the oneminute mark things come unhinged and a flurry of blasts come storming in, followed by this (admittedly) cool as funk bass run and back to doom territory, I wish the song had stayed in that slow, midpaced spot. It would have given a rest to the listener before Empty Vacant Shell (the suck a bag of dicks) song.

Empty Vacant Shell We have a brutal 90’s style grinder, here. The intro rises above the drums, bombastic effects with Paul’s growling vocals emphasizing the tempo. It’s around the oneminute mark that the blasts hit and the song hits its stride, deftly sliding into a doomy mire with discordant guitars reminiscent of Napalm Death’s Diatribes. I have to say that this is my favorite song on the album, with Thoughts of Only Darkness being the second with its Black Metal vitriol blazing forth like an armored column on its way to war. Departure (interlude) Like a placid lake, but something lives there that is slimy and vicious. IA! IA!

Honestly, this is an album that Ill listen to on shuffle with other bands, incidentally I bought their selftitled (I just havent had the time to listen to it yet). Inevitability is not a throwaway album by any means, it stands on its own merit, but in the end it didnt inspire me like I had hoped it would. I would ultimately say that if youre a fan of the aforementioned Diatribes by the mighty Napalm Death or Brutal Truths Need to Control, youll love this album; and are probably already a fan of Morgue Supplier already. If not, give them a try, you never know what might hook your ear

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Written by Jeremy Beck
April 21st, 2022


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