Hymns From the Cellar Demo Cassette

Delaware’s Scorched impressed me when I saw them live, recently on the Morta Skuld and Embalmer tour and they were cool dudes. Kick ass tour!! I picked up the debut album, Echoes of Dismemberment. This album destroys and I immediately recognized a bunch of their songs, from the live show. The singer Matt Kapa gave me their new demo, Hymns from the Cellar and if you liked their debut album you will love this. The band is heavily influenced by horror movies and there are more intros on this demo, just like the debut album.

“Enter the Cellar” comes through with an eerie intro before the slow mid-paced crunch of the guitar squealing and the drums come through, as “Existence Dissolved” comes forth to destroy your limbs. You can feel the slow build-up until the nice blast comes in and smashes your teeth right down your gullet and Matt laying down some killer growls. The slow part comes back in with some killer guitar work, with the nice guitar slide. The mid-paced part I started upheaving houses across the block. This created monstrous ditches which I proceeded to throw my trash in and then cover up with some dirt. It looked like a huge body. The blast comes right back and then before you know it it’s over.

“Gruesome Procedure” is another ambient intro, before “Altar of Desecration” comes in with pounding drums and neat cymbals and another cool growl before a part which reminded me of Autopsy comes in. A plus in my book and a nice old-school feel to the death/thrash beat-it’s a classic moment. If you snooze you will miss the guitar solo at the 1.20 part and then more mid-pacing and more solos over the faster part-we’re off to the races. About a minute later the Autopsy doom death dirge comes in and a killer atmosphere to boot. Nice bass guitar passages as well and then it’s over.

Cool demo. The red cassette is packaged nicely with lyrics. The production is not as good as the album, but as a pro-demo, it does sound great, even with the added rawness. Since the Echoes of Dismemberment album was released not quite 2 years ago, it could be this or next year before a new album is released from Scorched. In the meantime, head on over to their FB or Bandcamp page and pick up the demo. While you’re at it, buy the cd and a shirt. Hymns From The Cellar is a nice little precursor to the next Scorched full-length.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
February 8th, 2018


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