Ugh. I hate when I’m let down by an album I’ve been anticipating. Coming into Attitude, I was curious to see where Susperia would take their catchy and melodic death/thrash – back towards the phenomenal Unlimited from 2004, or continue down the path set by their last, 2007’s Cut From Stone, which felt rather lackluster and forgettable. Much to my dismay, they’ve chosen the latter, and to make things worse, Attitude is even more forgettable.

The album opens solidly with “The Urge”, and follow up track “Live My Dreams”, but quickly heads down hill from there. That first track packs decent punch with some simple yet effective heavy riffing laced with groove and moves at a brisk pace. The latter one is a thrashier beast that sees Athera deliver a much more caustic vocal performance than you’ll find anywhere on the disc, and he’s accompanied by a guest vocal spot courtesy of the immortal Chuck Billy.

After those two, the album shifts into auto pilot, coasting through mediocrity and entirely too much of Athera trying to “sing”. Sure, some of this “singing” surfaced on Unlimited, but it was very minimal and tolerable. It was ever more present on Cut From Stone, which attributed to some of that albums non-appeal. It was only while listening to Attitude that I realized that this vocal approach reminded me a great deal of Disturbed’s David Draiman and his not so great efforts of singing. Athera is not a “singer”, and should really stick to the screams and growls.

“Sick Bastard” tries to employ a meaner vibe than the majority of the album, but comes out sounding forced and generic. Here, Athera alternates between a blackened rasp and a guttural and deathly low, but then throws a clean vocal wrench into the mix mid song that feels kind of odd and out of place. A couple guitar parts on “Mr. Stranger” are pretty cool, but also contains some of the most boring and repetitive chug I’ve ever heard anywhere, and of course is topped off with more terrible clean vocals.

There’s nothing else notable to say about Attitude, good or bad. As I said before, it feels like their on auto pilot, or perhaps aiming for a larger audience. Only time will tell if they succeed in picking up new fans, but for the time being, I think it’s safe to say they’re gonna lose some of the ones they already have releasing bore-core stuff like this.

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Written by Larry "Staylow" Owens
June 3rd, 2009


  1. Commented by: Red

    I really appreciate the honest review, though I feel totally the opposite on this album. My first few listens had me disappointed and very much in the opinion of the review but after a few more spins this thing really started to take a very solid form. In fact, I started to enjoy it so much that I went back and revisited Cut From Stone and found that I enjoyed that album much more than I previously had. Sure, there’s nothing new or groundbreaking here but I’ll be damned if this and there last few albums don’t sound more genuine than there first couple of efforts. Still, a honest review is a good review whether I agree or not.

  2. Commented by: emperorjvl

    I disagree as well. I think this album is fantastic. I loved the direction on CFS and this one continues that path, as you said. I love the more melodic Susperia. Year end top ten album.

  3. Commented by: Vance

    I have followed this band from the beginning and I always felt that their earlier works were good, but nothing that spectacular (seemed like they were living under the Dimmu Borgir shadow and trying to hard). I felt that Unlimited was their best and when “Cut From Stone” came out I hated it, I thought it was totally unremarkable, but then I gave it another chance, I think that song “Under” came on a random playlist and it gave me reason to go back and check out that album, now I feel that “Cut” is their best, so I am hoping the same will happen with “Attitude”.. still havent heard a single note on it. Thanks for the review.

  4. Commented by: arg arg

    . Athera is not a “singer”, and should really stick to the screams and growls.
    but also contains some of the most boring and repetitive chug I’ve ever heard anywhere, and of course is topped off with more terrible clean vocals.

    arg arg
    Sorry to say this but you must be an idiot.. are you realy serious ???? Susperia have never been a Blackmetal band and if you miss the evil growl .. well sorry mate but you need to grow up like susperia did …
    hope you get better and they lett you out of the luni house …
    Arg arg

  5. Commented by: Staylow

    I’m an idiot because I have an opinion? Interesting. And if you re-read that review, I’m sure I never said they were a black metal band. I said they were better as a more aggressive band, with aggressive vocals rather than a half-assed attempt at clean singing.

    We have differing opinions – it’s not the end of the world, and certainly not a reason to start some childish name calling. Maybe someone else needs a grow up?

  6. Commented by: Coles

    Larry, don’t even waste your time.

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