Unearthly Trance
The Trident

Flourishing not only as an effectually transcendental aural barrage, but also as genuine philosophical pontification, The Trident finds Unearthly Trance to be maturing, with listeners becoming the beneficiaries of a continuing state of musical evolution. Let’s focus squarely upon what this record sounds like, before lapsing into any overtly narcissistic interpretations of the nature which foments the subtle determinations of intention abaft the music of Unearthly Trace, for when considering a musical recording it’s ultimately the actual music that bears importance. The theology of an artist is quite secondary in comparison to the factual product of such persuasion.Your forgiveness may be solicited in regard to any statements identifying Unearthly Trance as being abrasive, articular, lucid or systematic. As much as it may befoul your disposition to be illuminated as to the categorically superfluous observation that doom metal is the optimum modifier attributed to the manner of sonority that is most certainly reflected by this New York based trio of musicians, the assessment is irrefutably factual. Any trumped up conjectures to the contrary are not only abject fallacy; moreover they are discrediting and delusional. To muse that a doom metal band could be qualified as anything other than a doom metal band is akin to stating that it’s a misnomer to describe a flame as being hot, because that descriptor is overused and dated. Those who believe such self-aggrandizing nonsense would be best advised to further study the precepts of effective communication until the fundamentals of utilizing modifiers become more transparent.

Furthermore, it may be disconcerting for some to gain knowledge of the self-evidence of enraptured weightiness, euphoric fortitude and dolorous radiance that abounds on The Trident. Such weakness stands as irrelevant in the face of the abstract manipulations of distorted mass emitted during the copiously bleak “Permanent Ice.” When placed against a swirling backdrop of vertigo-inducing sonic manifestations, band bellwether Ryan Lipynsky issues a meritorious discharge of vocal abomination. Bearing in mind that the distorted radiations placed at this track’s end are culpably beholden to speed metal bands such as Venom, Lipynsky deserves praise for intermingling auditory sensations in a manner most efficiently maleficent.

Despondently tenebrous emulsification of harmonic substance is portrayed during the ergo austere monolith “Decrepitude,” reflecting substratum fathomage of the highest order. Ad interim, “You Get What You Want” seethes in distorted luminosity, its oblation succumbing to veritable bellicosity. As deep, arcane rumblings supplied by bassist Jay Newman suspend in strong-arm fashion during “The Air Exists.” A vivid, shimmering “The Sea Accepts Me” resonates with eulogia and commensurate grimness. Lipynsky brings forth a dirging, gargantuan presence to this track, with immense ringing chords. Culpable for delivering a distended polarity that recognizes the duality of swift, flurried battering and phlegmatic, reverberating cadence, Unearthly Trance reign enigmatically on “Wake Up And Smell The Corpses.” Whispered vocalizations and viscid, lumbering structures provide an aura of sophistication rarely evident in such artistic forays. As the saturated presence of “In Self, Infinite” forms a swarming rumble, Lipynsky issues a cryptic, engaging manifesto atop the random, multifaceted skin-bashing of drummer Darren Verni.

Assuredly requiring the listener’s complete, unhindered attention, The Trident stands as a brilliant oscillation between formlessness and reality. Unearthly Trance enables expansive sojourns into limitless musical possibilities, evenly dividing their craft between polar sonic extremities in a manner that few other artists dare to discover. A most mesmerizing invocation, this high-caliber, superior metal achievement simply cannot be denied.

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Written by Erin Fox
June 6th, 2006


  1. Commented by: metal mike

    Huh? I can’t understand this shit!

  2. Commented by: Matt

    Maybe you should put that thesaurus down and write a review that makes sense.

  3. Commented by: gabaghoul


    if this was done as a sly comment on an overwrought, needlessly technical mess of an album ,it’d be pretty funny. but I don’t think that’s what’s going on here.

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