Vomit the Soul
Apostles of Inexpression

I wrote this at the same time as Ingested for 2 reasons, the first being that its slamming death metal also but also for balance because whilst it is of that ilk it is a decidedly different beast. VTS is for all the people who don’t like Ingested or for that fact, all the deathcore and newer slamming death metal bands that hold deathcore as close to their sickened hearts as their Suffocation and Dying Fetus albums.

VTS is in fact, a lot more elitist, a lot more difficult to grasp and less obvious then their British contemporaries. Don’t let the fact that they are Unique Leader trick you into thinking that this is a half hour blast-a-thon (although, nothing wrong with those), VTS perfectly fit the Unique Leader roster despite simultaneously being a distinctive and independent beast.

As a three piece, they make a racket, and a gloriously fluid and shifting one at that. There is little to zero melody on Apostles but when the music is so intriguing and progressive it makes its absence valid, and to be frank, it would be superfluous in this brew because it would detract from the impact of the weight of their sound.

Take the angular, bending intro riff to “Self Perception Veil,” its dissonance and atmosphere compliment this lack of melody and yet it fits perfectly into the jigsaw, serving as a potent foil to the galloping slam that hits a minute in (complete with sub-bass drop for extra punch). At two minutes in they drop a serious load, a titanium cast slam that is too brief but has the impact of a rhino smashing through a an antique china shop.

The true strength of VTS lays in the fluidity of their compositions, they piece together so many passages and transitions with such ease but whilst they are frantically shifting and changing gear they make it coherent, they make it memorable (ala Cryptopsy at their destructive peak). “Extirpated from Absurdity,” is built on a spongy, elastic opening riff that is as groovy as it is head caving and its so well composed that you would think that they would milk it and make it a or even the lynchpin of the track, but no, that would be too easy, too predictable.

One would thinks that the word Devourment would be synonymous with slam and in fact with any band that plays the style but VTS, whilst influenced by the Texan misogynists don’t openly and reliantly pilfer their back catalogue. The most Devourment moments are saved for the closing “Inconsistent Delta,” but even then these are chewed up, digested and then regurgitating in shapes incomprehensible and far more advanced then the Texan’s more straight forward approach.

Still, that doesn’t detract from the Italian’s penchant and open love for brutality, a passion that is supremely expressed at the highest level throughout Apostles.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Benjamin DeBlasi
September 11th, 2009


  1. Commented by: Tibor

    Nice review. I haven’t been able to stop listening to this album for about 3 weeks now. Excellent combo of the slamming stuff with the right amount of sick technicallity. I highly reccomend this one.

  2. Commented by: Scott Alisoglu

    I was going to order this. Did you get it as a promo or did you have to buy it?

  3. Commented by: Tibor

    Not sure who you’re asking, but I purchased my copy from Willowtip for $10. They don’t seem to have a copy in stock right now…

  4. Commented by: Reignman35

    This album is a fucking masterpiece in the brutal death realm. It won’t get much love from the critics due to the genre, but should be on every year-end top 10 list. My favorite album probably so far this year.

  5. Commented by: Chris S.

    I just got this with the fleshgod apocalypse and they are both awesome, top 10 death metal albums. i agree with reignman35, must have album.

  6. Commented by: Scott Alisoglu

    I was asking Benjamin, but I should have done that “behind the scenes,” if you will

  7. Commented by: Vomit The Soul

    ehy guys thanx for you words!
    please check out our e-store http://www.permeatedrecords.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=51

    you can order cds and shirts

  8. Commented by: krustster

    Hey it’s the band! haha I love this album. Good review. I agree about this being top 10, for death metal at least. I dunno about overall since there are a lot of good tapes this year but it’s a standout for me definitely.

  9. Commented by: xbenx

    Yo Scott! Sorry for not gettin back, been on holiday with limited access, i tried inputting a reply but it kept crashig, I’ll hit you up behidn the scenes! Thanks for the words everyone!!!

  10. Commented by: Mark

    Just got the cd today (finally) and I must say I’m very pleased.

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