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Belenos – Chants de Bataille

Belenos is back with their 4th crusade of brutal Pagan black metal. Chants de Bataille has been finally released by Adipocere after the last several releases on Sacral Productions. Other than a jump from one French label to another French label, not much has changed. The most obvious change is the inclusion of seven interludes. […]

Aes Dana – Formors

With their long awaited second album, France’s Aes Dana (who once featured various members of Antaeus and Arkhon Infaustus), have delivered a perfect rendition of folk and Celtic/pagan artistry and frosty black metal nihilism and arguably one of the finest pieces of folk based metal I have ever heard. Graced by the flutes of Amorgen […]

Trauma – Imperfect Like a God

Good things come to those who wait. Originally released on Empire Records in 2003, this superb slab of Polish brutality was licensed by Adipocere for a wider release in late 2004. Great move as it will expose more of the world to one of Poland’s undiscovered death metal gems. While Vader and Behemoth arguably stake […]

Ywolf – Night of the Werewolf

As promised, more songs based upon novels by the Hungarian musical wizard, or is it demon? Last time the narrator found himself transformed into a demon, this time the songs are based upon the novels of John Caldwell. Demons once again reign. The orchestration is less aimless, more dynamic and more tightly structured as distinct […]