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Sole Remedy – Apoptosis

There’s very little justice in the world of music. Even in Finland—a country of mere five million inhabitants that’s often regarded as a heavy metal mecca—bands destined for great things fall into obscurity after releasing one or two excellent albums. Take for example Sancnity, who could have contributed immensely to the progressive metal revolution in […]

Poema Arcanus – Timeline Symmetry

I’ve learned over the years that I am too quick to judge. Actually, most would probably confess to hastily disregarding a certain CD or band, only to find down the road that you neglected something you really enjoy. This is where we start with Timeline Symmetry. This thing sat in my review pile, shunned, while […]

In Mourning – Shrouded Divine

So, lets say you are one of the picky bastards that thought Opeth’s Watershed was too soft or too progressive, and wish bands like Dark Suns, Orakel, The Morningside, Farmakon, Adytum and such were even more like Opeth, just go ahead and grab the superb debut from Sweden’s, very, very talented newcomers In Mourning. While […]