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Hell Obelisco – Swamp Wizard Rises

Pissed off megaton sludge from Italy is the day’s special served up by Hell Obelisco and their crusty, punk-inflected debut Swamp Wizard Rises.  This record is an unrelenting steamroller of groove, effortless tempo downshifts that lay off the speed throttle long enough to catch some head-nodding blues riffs and wrathful vocals that are on the […]

Monolith Wielder – Monolith Wielder

Living around the Pittsburgh area means the spoils of heavy, overcast riff rock are always within my reach.  The area around me seems to be thriving harder than ever in terms of punishing rock n’ roll groove and here to set that example in concrete is Monolith Wielder.  This mutinous crew of scene vets aren’t […]

Hollow Leg – Crown

From the fertile, fly-infested breeding grounds of Florida that have delivered unto the Earth the sludge majesty of Cavity, Railsplitter, Dove, Floor, House of Lightning, Consular, Shroud Eater and so many more iron-forgers of the riff hails Hollow Leg. I’m fuckin’ red with embarrassment on one cheek and am deservedly wearing egg on the other, […]