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Dark Castle – Spirited Migration

One only need look at the Jon Baizley-ish artwork, the Scott Hull mastering and the label to have a guess as to the style of this solid full length debut from this Florida duo: droning, psychedelic, doomy post rock styled sludge cut from the same cloth as Deadbird, Rwake, Samothrace, Minsk and such. While hardly […]

Deadbird – Twilight Ritual

I missed this Arkansas’ band 2005 debut, The Head and the Heart, so I had no real expectations for what this band sounded like other than I knew that had former and current members of Rwake in their ranks and that guitarist Chuck Schaaf did a great job producing the last Serious Grind album. But […]

Black Cobra – Feather and Stone

With former members of Cavity, Acid King and -16- , Black Cobra return with album number two of grimy, rumbling, tumbling metal for fans of Torche, High on Fire, Hail!Hornet, Negative Reaction, Kylesa and such. So yeah, if Mastodon were girthier, nastier and far far sludgier, you might get close to Black Cobra’s sound, a […]

Baroness/Unpersons – A Grey Sigh in a Flower Husk

As if to wet your appetite for the forth coming The Red Album from Baroness, At A Loss has teamed the rather hyped sludgy/stoner post rock act with a fellow Georgia act Unpersons to give you this tasty split of fuzzy, groovy and experimental sludge/stoner metal. The two lengthy tracks from Baroness will no doubt […]

Blutch – Materia

I’m no sludge expert, but in Materia, Belgium’s three piece Blutch appear to have released a solid sludge/doombeast that should appeal to fans of The Abominable Iron Sloth, Black Cobra, Negative Reaction and such. Slow yet abrasive and menacing, Materia has all the hallmarks you’d expect from such a record; gritty earthy guitars, foreboding, patient […]

Black Cobra – Bestial

With a legacy forged in -16- and Cavity, the two piece offering up the aptly named Bestial know a thing or two about caustic, sludgy and ear drum dissolving metal, and flex their experience with suitable with their debut record.With an obvious nod to their former bands, Jason Landrian and Rafael martinez stew up some […]

Unpersons – III

Grinding and grating, obstinate to the point of obnoxiousness, the Unpersons come raging out of the gate with an “everything but the kitchen sink” take on noisy hardcore. The chaos belies their youth which fuels the pure energetic musical misdirection achieved frequently throughout this release. The album starts to move along at break-neck pace, alternately […]