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BAL-SAGOTH remasters coming next month (in Europe, at least)!

Metal Mind Productions is proud to present the exclusive re-release of three albums by the British band Bal-Sagoth: “The Power Cosmic”, “Atlantis Ascendant” and “The Chthonic Chronicles”. “The Power Cosmic” – Bal-Sagoth’s fourth full length album from 1999. Focusing on an intergalactic tale of war, cosmic empires, and celestial gods, the album pushed the band […]

Bal-sagoth – The Chthonic Chronicles

First of all, thanks to Candlelight for giving this album a US deal. I don’t think Nuclear Blast has any idea how many Bal-Sagoth fans there are in the US… Truth be told, as I’ve gotten older, Bal-Sagoth have become less relevant to me. Whether it is my aging process or the fact Bal-Sagoth have […]

Bal-Sagoth – Atlantis Ascendant

There are two opposing factions when it comes to this British five piece. Either you hate them, and think that their over-the-top theatrical metal is cheesy synth-heavy fodder for basement dwelling D&D fanatics. Or, you love the bombastic barbarian imagery and grandiose epic metal styling, set to fantasy inspired orchestrations. I fall in the latter […]