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Falls of Rauros – Patterns in Mythology

In my review of Falls of Rauros‘ last record, Vigilance Perennial, I stated: 1) I was listening to something special, and 2) how can that top that album (which was my number 3 album of 2017)?. Well, despite switching from perfectly suited label in Bindrune to lesser known but also solid Gilead Media, they have […]


Yeah, I know, I have not done one of these in a few months. But I’m trying to be particular about what I review here, and my bargain bin hauls tend to come in bunches. I just don’t want to review every 99 cents early 90s Metal Blade or Pulkas CD I find in the used bin.

And this episode of bargain bin reviews is slightly relevant as you will read shortly. I found this CD for 99 cents in the clearance bin at Hastings. The unreadable logo and esoteric title immediately drew me in to a blind purchase, thinking it had to be metal of some sort….and I was right.

BARGAIN BIN REVIEWS – Lemming Project’s “Hate and Despise”

I swear, I have every intention of trying to make this a somewhat regular blog.

Here is the true definition of a Bargain Bin Find!!!!. I located this CD in the clearance rack of a Hastings, and grabbed it for a mere 25 cents- though technically it was a dollar, seeing as the bin was 4 for a dollar. So I had to grab a Boys 2 Men Christmas CD, a Jose Stone CD and an album by some Latin rap group.

BARGAIN BIN REVIEWS – Angerpath’s “Forgotten World”

It’s a shame to see Von of Liturgy end his label/distro Epitomite Productions, though not a high end label, they released some solid stuff throughout the years, recently releasing decent CDs from the likes of Abacinate and Domination Through Impurity. However, there is a silver lining to every cloud and for me it’s the massive clearance sale that Epitomite Productions had, getting rid of their stock ate ridiculous prices, and while most of the good stuff went early I was able to pick up a couple of older CDs for $3 including Axamenta’s Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture and the as yet only released from Polish Death metal act Angerpath, 2007s Forgotten World.

BARGAIN BIN REVIEWS – My Dying Bride’s “Like Gods of the Sun”

So I recently decided to fill in the gaps from My Dying Bride collection as I was missing everything between Turn Loose the Swans (1993) and A Line of Deathless Kings (2006). I have vague recollections of owning The Angel and the Dark River, Like Gods of the Sun and 34.788%, but being utterly disgusted with all three, selling them and giving up on the band until A Line of Deathless Kings a decade later. And while going back and the bands resurgence with 1999s The Light at the End of the World and the subsequent releases that saw the band re-inject some death metal into their once genre defining sound, the bands output from 1993-1996 remains some of the most divisive material in metal. And thanks to a blow out sale at I was able to pick up used copies all of the missing albums for about $20 total.

BARGAIN BIN REVIEWS – Violation’s “Beyond the Graves” and “Moonlight’s Child”

Still one of my very favorite Bargain Bin finds, this duo of CDs was found at a CD Warehouse in Southeast Missouri after literally hours of perusal. I had never heard of the band, but assumed by the cover, logo, album titles and labels that this was worth a look. And thanks to the old listening station, was able to preview both CDs, and I was sold after preview of mere seconds of each.


Hold on to your asses, it looks like we have two related, regular blogs in a row! A weekly one no less! Could we be onto something here or am I simply feeling the after effects of a two week meth-binge and shopping spree? Who knows? Stay tuned…

BARGAIN BIN REVIEWS – Malignancy’s Intrauterine Cannibalism

So here’s yet another stab at a somewhat regular Teeth of the Divine feature: Bargain Bin reviews! We have long been mulling over some sort of retro reviews, classic reviews or long lost reviews, but ultimately this idea seems to be able to accommodate all of those ideas. Enjoy!