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Falls of Rauros – Key to a Vanishing Future

I’ve been a big fan of Maine’s Falls of Rauros for a while now with the band’s last 2 efforts, 2017s Vigilance Perennial and 2019s Patterns in Mythology making my year-end lists, with the former being in my top three for 2017. So it kind of pains me to say that that trend might end […]

Inexurom – Moonlit Navigation

When it comes to Inexorum, I purchased Lore of the Lakes without hearing a single note, simply based off the description and the high praise of critics. While I did enjoy the album, I was kept from thoroughly enjoying it for one reason: electronic drums. In a lot of instances, they’re fine, barely noticeable, and […]

False – Portent

I’m unfamiliar with female fronted Minnesotan black metal act False, but seeing as their second effort was released on the usually reliable Gilead Media, who recently dropped the magnificent third Falls of Rauros album, I though Id give this a go. And what I was greeted with was some fantastic 90s styled , Scandinavian semi […]

Falls of Rauros – Patterns in Mythology

In my review of Falls of Rauros‘ last record, Vigilance Perennial, I stated: 1) I was listening to something special, and 2) how can that top that album (which was my number 3 album of 2017)?. Well, despite switching from perfectly suited label in Bindrune to lesser known but also solid Gilead Media, they have […]

Inexorum – Lore of the Lakes

Wow! Wow! Wow! Biggest surprise of the year so far hands down.  Minnesota’s Inexorum have hit a colossal homerun with the debut album Lore of The Lakes.  Inexorum is the genius of Carl Skildum who I know from The Minnesota Death/Thrash group Anti-Verse (Also way worth checking out).  Lore of The Lakes is five tracks […]

Northless – World Keeps Sinking LP

Continuing with tradition, Adam at Gilead Media has yet again released another of the undeniable best records of 2013. Northless‘ second full-length, World Keeps Sinking is an absolute behemoth-sized mash-up of their blend of Sludge, Doom, Post-Metal, and dare I say I feel a little Prog in there? Shhhh, it’s okay. Picture a shootout between […]

Lychgate – Lychgate

Organs swell. Drums stomp to life. Soaring single notes harmonize and add atmosphere. This is “The Inception.” This funeral march is leading us somewhere. Probably the graves of its victims, who are most likely every single other Doom-cum-Black Metal release this year. Lychgate’s self-titled 2013 debut is surprising, stirring, horrifying, and engrossing. This frightening foursome […]

Fell Voices – Regnum Saturni LP

I believe to be a truly great band / artist; you absolutely have to be great at performing live. I want to see them and be absolutely floored that someone could take an album I love, and turn it into something transcendent that is not just heard, but experienced. Murder By Death (who, despite the […]

Indricothere – Indricothere

Indricothere, living during the late Oligocene epoch (part of the Tertiary Period in the Cenozoic Era), is thought to be the largest land mammal that ever walked the earth. A distant relative of the rhinoceros, they were not as fearsome as their descendents would have you believe – they looked more like gigantic, tree-munching giraffes. […]

Thou – Tyrant

Hot on the heels of the bands recent 2008 release, Peasant, Gilead Media gives us a CD digi-pack re-issue of the this Louisiana sludge band’s 2007 LP only debut, originally released on One Eye Records. I love everything about this band; their simple name, their logo, their artwork (the new artwork even seems to match the […]

A Scanner Darkly – A Scanner Darkly EP

Add ‘Phillip K Dick-core’ or “Sci-Fi-core” to the ever growing sub genres of ‘core’ styled metal, and though I have not read the Philip K. Dick book of the same name, nor any of his other works, this noisy, sci-fi themed slab of noise is mighty impressive. Essentially mixing the likes of Ed Gein and […]