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Dying Humanity – Deadened

Considering the band name, logo,  album’s title and cool cover art, I braced for some ‘brootal’ death metal. However, what I actually got was some sharp if derivative Germanic  melodic death metal/metalcore in the vein of the label’s 00s stuff like Feast For the Crows, Six Reasons to Kill, Deadsoil the american sound of the time […]

Ichor – Depths

I haven’t received any promos from Germany’s’ Bastardized Recordings in years, going back to the likes of Six Reasons to Kill, Deadsoil, Soulgate’s Dawn and Feast for the Crows metalcore days of the mid 00s. But they have been fairly busy since then, if not as productive, including the discography from homeland death metal  act […]

Japanische Kampfhörspiele – Rauchen Und Yoga

Despite a lengthy discography dating back to 1998, Germany’s JaKa never seemed to make the impact you’d expect in the grindcore genre, and I think part of it is they are just a little too experimental for the grindcore crowd, not quite death metal or serious enough for the death metal fans, and simply too […]

Blackout Argument, The – Munich Angst/Munich Valor

Here’s two separate EP’s preparing the hardcore/metalcore world for the band’s Lifeforce Records debut, Decisions that will be released later this year. Munich Angst is a re-release of the bands 2006 MCD and Munich Valor is an EP of 6 newer tracks and neither gets me too excited for the forthcoming album. Plying a form […]