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Besieged – Victims Beyond All Help

Man, I am loving this record! Other than Mortal Infinity’s District Destruction, not much of this thrash revival has grabbed my attention, so the likes of Revocation, Havoc, Toxic Holocaust and such hasn’t really floated my boat , but here comes Canada’s Besieged to kick me in the nuts and remind me why I loved so many metal […]

Besieged – Atlantis

While a fairly standard metalcore meets death metal affair, Atlantis is the first Blood & Ink release I have enjoyed since Foreknown’s Calm Seas Don’t Make Sailors and With Blood Comes Cleansing’s debut Golgotha, as the likes of Skylines, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Stars Are Falling, Nashemah, The Gentleman’s Pistols, Burden of a Day […]