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Bison B.C. – Dark Ages

Canada’s Bison B.C. return with their second full-length for Metal Blade Records and, after a few spins, the band members seem to have outdone themselves. This record carries everything up a notch… the Doomy atmospheres, the stomping Stoner grooves, the intricate arrangements and the impressive musicianship. There is no holding back, no simplifying, no softening […]

Interview with Bison B.C.

A scant two years after forming, Vancouver Canada’s BISON B.C. released its second album (first for Metal Blade) entitled Quiet Earth on September 30. Two years…two albums…not to mention the countless shows all over Canada & the USA. To say these guys are “busy” just doesn’t cut it. This constant motion has paid off, as it turns out, because Quiet Earth is one of the best albums I’ve heard all year. I was able to track down guitarist/vocalist/anti-hipster Dan And to answer a few questions for me.

Bison B.C. – Quiet Earth

A little Doom, a dash of Sludge, a hint of Stoner and a whole lot of Metal comprise the music of Canada’s Bison B.C. Mixing these influences into a cohesive concoction could have been no easy task, but Bison B.C makes it sound natural…jumping from grooves to melodies to fast to slow tempos has never sounded […]