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Northwind Wolves – Dark…Cold…Grim

If you wish to be whisked away to the golden age of melodic, symphonic black metal, (i. e 1994-2001) and revisit classics like The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts, Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, In the Nightside Eclipse, Aspera Hiems Symfonia,  Supreme Art of War, Nexus Polaris, New Obscurantis Order,  Born of the Flickering and Devs Iratvs, look no further than the […]

Mordenial – The Plague

Authentic Swedish melo-death from honest to goddamn goodness Sweden is the exact kind of artillery that Mordenial load their cannons with on their second LP, The Plague.  It’s not necessarily a sound that you can do anything new with and to be impressive in the genre at this point you need the right balance of […]

Vindland – Hanter Savet

It was a forgone conclusion that Forteresse’s impending Thèmes pour la rébellion, was going to be an easy shoo in for my favorite black metal album of 2016. Then along comes upstart Black Lion Productions, who already impressed with Hyperion’s Seraphical Euphony, and deliver a physical release ( it was an independent digital release last year) one […]

Hyperion – Seraphical Euphony

I’m a big fan of symphonic black metal, but the genre has been in a bit of a dry spell. The only decent recent release I can recall is Diabolus Arcanium or Raphuemet’s Well, but those are a little ‘different’.  I am craving something more Scandinavian, melodic and grandiose like the scene on the ’90s (Lothlorien, Embracing  […]