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Aversio Humanitatis – Longing for The Untold EP

Whoa! Here is a stunning little 4 song EP from Spain’s Aversio Humanitas (Aversion to Humanity) a completely new band to me, but hopefully one I will be hearing more from in the future. The Madrid trio has one full length debut and some splits/EPs under their belt, but this should be the release that gets […]

Come Back From the Dead – The Coffin Earth’s Entrails

This is some ferocious shit with an impressive resume.  Come Back From The Dead features some of the violence mongers from Machetazo, Nashgul, Asedio, Cenotaph and many others.  Their music centers on a sandblasted, scum-bathed crust/doom/thrash/death metal hybrid that calls to mind very early Entombed, Discharge, Autopsy, Venom, Dismember, Celtic Frost and Motörhead…throw all of […]